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Salon & Spa treatments and services by Pamela.

Make an appointment : 401-595-2851

Email: [email protected]

Organic,Vegan & Gluten Free Skincare Products

Jahmeir Signature facial: Organic facials that blends organic aromas and natural vitamin infusions. A facial that address a variety of skin concerns, warm steam, exfoliation, massage, and mask is used

$85.00 & Up 1 ½ hours

Swiss Collagen Facial: This treatment uses freeze dried highly concentrated collagen protein to revitalize the skin. Collagen is responsible for the maintenance of the structure and the strength of the skin. This treatment is very beneficial to dry dehydrated skin, and is great for any age or gender.

$100.00 1 ½ hours

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial: a perfect treatment for clients who tend to build up excess oil or have not had a facial in a long time. Designed to deep clean, loosen impactions, leaving the skin balanced, refreshed, and gloing.

$95.00 1 ½ hours

Beautiful Back Facial: This treatment is performed on the back of an area hard to reach. A good fit for any age or gender. Cleaning, steam, and extractions if needed are helpful along with a back massage and treatment mask to recondition the back skin. Sure to relax you and assist you with that problem area.

$85.00 1 ½ hrs

Gentleman's Facial: This treatment targets the issues men often have which can be difficult at times. Naturally having thicker skin that produces more oil, adding to shaving to the mix can often cause many degrees of problems. Working in different environments can contribute to the uneven balance of the skin.

$80.00 1 ½ hrs

Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment: This treatment can be an ad on service to any facial, great for rehydrating hands that are overworked and exposed to climate change. Wonderful massage to the hands is included.

$20.00 15 mins

Hands & Feet Bliss: This service targets overworked hands and feet. Using pressure point massage combined with aromatherapy, synergy, your hands and feet will thank you. A great option for anyone suffering with eczema or chapped skin can do weather, harsh products, or overwashing. Can be an add on to any facial.

$50.00 30 mins

Teen Facial: A great introduction to skincare. This treatment will assist your teen with many challenges and changes their skin may be going through. Helpful and informative your tween will understand their personal needs and how to manage them. Steam, extractions if needed, treatment mask and take home info and examples are provided.

$65.00 1 hr

Mini Express Facial: For the client short on time and in need of results to assist them with their current skincare issues. Great for lunch time, before that special event or business meeting without that extra time in treatment room.

$65.00 45 mins