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Salon & Spa treatments and services by Pamela.

Make an appointment : 401-595-2851

Email: [email protected]

Spa Packages

1) Unplug:.......Collagen Facial & Full Relaxation Body Massage 2 1/2 hrs.... $175.00

2) Tranquil:.....1/2 Reflexology on the feet with a Mini Facial 1 1/2 hr... $100.00 

3) Nourish : Signature Facial, Collagen Eye Treatments, Paraffin Hand Treatment 2 hrs..... $140.00

4) Melt Away: Ultimate Facial includes (hand & foot massage) Aromatherapy Full Body Massage & Aromatherapy Scalp Massage 3 hrs..... $215.00

5) Emerge: Ultrasound Facial, Paraffin Hand Treatment, Exfoliating Body Polish ( I have different ones) 3 hrs.... $240.00

6) Warmth : Hot Stone Facial, Hot Stone Massage 1/2 Reflexology (on feet) 3 hrs.... $240.00

Prices subject to change!